New Jon Durant CD

Dance of the Shadow Planets

September 2011

Featuring: Colin Edwin (fretless bass), Caryn Lin (violin) and Jerry Leake (percussion)

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Video for the song "Irreducible" on YouTube.
NASA Video featuring the song "Boonyi"

(jd's music starts at 4:57)

jon durant | flood

February 2007

Featuring Tony Levin and Vinny Sabatino

Jon Durant
Things Behind the Sun
"Ambient, expansive, far-reaching, progressive jazz fusion that doesn't shy away from the intimate and dives without hesitation into the adventurous. With swirling guitars, thick bass and minimalistic, cyclic grooves, the album encircles the listener with an aromatic, dewy atmosphere. Jon Durant weaves a moody, feeling sound tapping into new age and pop writing- one might even hear distant echoes of something Sting-like. This is jazz fusion at its most expressive and colorful."
CD Baby
Jon Durant: Guitars, Cloud & Synth Guitars, Synthetic Tuned Percussion.

Vinny Sabatino: Percussion, Drums.

Tony Levin: Upright Bass

Joe Cunningham: Frula (7)

1. Last Night It Rained
2. A Map of Tenderness
3. Chateauneuf du Pape
4. Labyrinth of the World
5. Dangerous Testimony
6. An Afternoon Entangled
7. They Left by the Water
Jon Durant
Brief Light

Brief Light is an exquisite, continually fascinating album by an artist who is expert at shaping sound in evocative and multi-dimensional ways. It is well worth experiencing.
-Jazz Times Magazine

Jon Durant: Guitars, Cloud & Filter Guitars, Synthetic Tuned Percussion.

Vinny Sabatino: Percussion, Drums.

Tony Levin: Basses, Stick

Michael Whalen: Piano (2, 6)

Randy Roos: Guitar Synth (9)

1. Persimmon
2. Rosemary
3. River
4. Behind Stone Walls
5. Evidence
6. In Her Memories, She Floats
7. The Wind at Night
8. Brief Light
9. Friday (later)
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